Wood Handles

Wood Handles
DBX custom wood handles are individually built to the specifications of each paddler. Crafted from quality dowels of maple and other hardwoods, DBX wooden handles offer unmatched feel and control of your composite/carbon-fibre paddles, while reducing vibration and stress on the joints.

Broken handle? Carbon or Molded grips feel too plasticky? Replace your broken or hollow-feeling grips with a one-of-a-kind DBX handle—available in three grip options: Classic, Ergo, and Mini.

Outgrown your paddle? DBX handles can extend your paddle up to 6″ inches (depending on the setup of your existing paddle). Why spend $200 on a new paddle when you can upgrade your paddle for a fraction of the cost.

Currently we are only set up to process local orders. We are working on setting up an account to handle online transactions, and shipping; and will roll-out as soon as possible.

If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area please call (416)878-6617
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